Brazed plate heat exchanger for oil cooling

• Oil cooling

• Compact
• Easy to install
• Self-cleaning
• Low level of service and maintenance is required
• All units are pressure and leak tested
• Gasket free
• Very robust connection flanges

Alfa Laval DOC – Dedicated oil coolers are brazed plate heat
exchangers with robust connection flanges, which are suitable
for hydraulic oil cooling applications.

The brazing material seals and holds the plates together at the
contact points ensuring optimal heat transfer efficiency and
pressure resistance. Using advanced design technologies and
extensive verification guarantees the highest performance and
longest possible service life.
Asymmetric channels provide optimal efficiency in the most
compact design.
The robust connection flanges with internal threads are
specifically designed for oil cooling under tough operating
conditions and reduces costs because of easy installation.
Additionally, the flanges allow significantly higher torque at
installation than conventional connections.

Filename Link
DOC16_Product Leaflets 355 KB Download
AC, AXP, CB, CD, DOC, GL, GLX_Instruction Manual 6.51 MB Download
Environmental Product Declaration_Product Brochures 233 KB Download
Fluid power_Product Brochures 3.27 MB Download
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