Fusion-bonded plate heat exchanger in 100% stainless steel

Suitable for a wide range of applications, such as:
• HVAC heating and cooling
• Domestic hot water production

• Compact
• Easy to install
• Self-cleaning
• Low level of service and maintenance is required
• All units are pressure and leak tested
• Gasket free
• Copper free

Alfa Laval AlfaNovaTW fusion-bonded plate heat exchangers
are made of 100% stainless steel. They are optimized to give
efficient thermal performance in tap water and water-to-water
applications while ensuring minimized metal leaching by its
inert properties.
AlfaNovaTW provides efficient heat transfer with a small
footprint, and extreme pressure fatigue resistance.

Filename Link
AlfaNovaTW 66_Product Leaflets 312 KB Download
AlfaNova 14-400, AXP AN_Instruction Manual 5.74 MB Download

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