Brazed plate heat exchanger for air conditioning and refrigeration

• Evaporator
• Condenser
• Cascade systems

• Compact
• Easy to install
• Self-cleaning
• Low level of service and maintenance is required
• All units are pressure and leak tested
• Gasket free

Alfa Laval AC brazed plate heat exchangers provide efficient
heat transfer with a small footprint. They are specifically
designed to work in air conditioning and refrigeration
applications as evaporators and condensers in chillers and
heat pumps.

The brazing material seals and holds the plates together at the
contact points ensuring optimal heat transfer efficiency and
pressure resistance. Using advanced design technologies and
extensive verification guarantees the highest performance and
longest possible service life.
Asymmetric channels provide optimal efficiency in the most
compact design. This results in low refrigerant charge or lower
pressure drop on the water or brine side, reducing the CO2
Designed for high-efficiency applications, such as those
applications with high evaporation temperature and low water/
brine pressure drop. This results in reduced environmental
impact and lower costs.
The integrated distribution system ensures an even
distribution of the refrigerant throughout the plate package.
Based on standard components and a modular concept,
each unit is custom-built to meet the specific requirements of
each individual installation.
Suitable with most HFC, HFO and natural refrigerants.

Filename Link
AC65 /ACH65_Product Leaflets 325 KB Download
Cooling Insulation Type P_Product Brochures 382 KB Download
Environmental Product Declaration_Product Brochures 233 KB Download
AC, AXP, CB, CD, DOC, GL, GLX_Instruction Manual 6.51 MB Download
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