Fusion-bonded plate heat exchanger for extreme high-pressure applications

Designed for applications requiring 100% stainless steel.
Because of their high-pressure performance, they are
particularly well-suited to CO2 applications, such as
transcritical gas cooling.

• Tolerates extremely high operating pressures
• Compact
• Easy to install
• Self-cleaning
• Low level of service and maintenance is required
• All units are pressure and leak tested
• Gasket free
• Copper free

Alfa Laval AXP AN is specially designed for high-pressure
applications with requirements for 100% stainless steel, for
example, high pressure ammonia systems or compressor

The AlfaFusion filler material seals and holds the plates
together at the contact points ensuring optimal heat transfer
efficiency and pressure resistance. Using advanced design
technologies and extensive verification guarantees the highest
performance and longest possible service life.
AXP AN are fusion-bonded plate heat exchangers with thin
external frames in carbon steel that are able to withstand
extremely high operating pressures.
Always delivered with lifting lug for easy handling.

Filename Link
AXP 52 AN_Product Leaflets 337 KB Download
AlfaNova 14-400, AXP AN_Instruction Manual 5.74 MB Download
Environmental Product Declaration_Product Brochures 233 KB Download
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