Industrial Semi-welded Line

Gasketed plate heat exchanger for demanding applications

• Chemicals
• Energy and Utilities
• Food and Beverages
• HVAC and Refrigeration
• Marine and Transportation
• Mining, Minerals and Pigments
• Pulp and Paper
• Steel
• Water and Waste treatment


• High energy efficiency – low operating cost
• Flexible configuration – heat transfer area can be modified
• Easy to install – compact design
• High serviceability – easy to open for inspection and
cleaning and easy to clean by CIP
• Access to Alfa Laval’s global service network

Alfa Laval Industrial semi-welded line is used when gaskets
are not suitable for one of the process media. The semiwelded line can also withstand a higher design pressure
compared to fully gasketed plate-and-frame heat exchangers.
Suitable for a wide range of applications, this model is available
with a large selection of plate and gasket types.

Every detail is carefully designed to ensure optimal
performance, maximum uptime, and easy maintenance.
Selection of available features, depending on configuration
some features may not be applicable:
• Corner guided alignment system
• Chocolate pattern distribution area
• Clip-on gasket
• Leak chamber
• RefTightTM sealing system
• Compact frame
• Fixed bolt head
• Key hole bolt opening
• Lifting lug
• Lining
• Lock washer
• Tightening bolt cover
• Optimized Alfa Laval drain connection

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